Seahawks and SurfMonkeys

Yeah, we don’t just surf you know!  Happy SuperBowl y’all!

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Abominable Surf Monkey

Merry Christmas dear Monkey Friends!

(thank for the pic Jilly C!)
abominable surf monkey

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Isn’t it Time to Replace your Husband/Boyfriend’s Surf Monkey?

You know, the one you stuck in the garage when you first started dating.  The one that somehow disappeared and you have no idea what could have possibly happened to it.

I mean really, what would make him happier this Christmas?

And you might even fall in love with this little guy too!  It’s time:

Replace Monkey Here.

surf monkey spring '11 103

It’s That Time of Year!

What’s under your tree?DSCN7008

Historical Photo of Frida Kahlo and her Pet Surf Monkey Uncovered

The world renowned research team here at Surf Monkey Fellowship has uncovered this historical photo of Frida Kahlo with what appears to be her beloved pet Surf Monkey.  Prior to this discovery, it was believed that the Tijuana Surf Monkey originated in the Tijuana Border Regions somewhere in the late 60’s, early 70’s.

The discovery of this photo puts all that into question.  Could the  Surf Monkey have been in Mexico City in the 1930’s!

From the self-portrait below, we are unable to confirm if the monkey on her left shoulder has a surfboard permanently adheared to it’s feet or not.  Further research in needed.

More exciting revelations to follow—

Origin of Species: Part 2: On the Trail of the Surf Monkey

Our expert research team at Surf Monkey Fellowship theorized that because the Tijuana Surf Monkey holds such an important place in Mexican art history,  it must have been created by one of the great Mexican artists.

Could it have been Diego Rivera?

Origin of Species: The Tijuana Surf Monkey: The Journey Begins

The highly acclaimed research team at Surf Monkey Fellowship has uncovered what might just be the missing link in determining the origin of this remarkable species found almost exclusively in the Tijuana border regions.

This journey of discovery started 30 years ago, when Beth Slevcove, a San Diego surfer, mom, wife, writer, teacher and lover of all things Surf Monkey, first came across a lone plaster-of-paris, chimpanzee permanently affixed to a rather small egg-nosed surf board at the congested border crossing in Tijuana, Mexico.

 “It was love at second sight,”

she admits.  Her first thought being, “Who would ever buy that tacky thing?”  It didn’t take long for her to be hopping out of whatever vehicle she was traveling in to scour the border stalls for as many surf monkeys as she could find.  “What are you doing here amidst the ceramic Jesus’, plaster-of-paris pythons, serapes, churros and chicle sellers? she wondered,  and “How did you get here?”

Beth loves camping, surfing, visiting old friends and making new ones in Baja.  A few years ago when crossing the border after another great trip, Beth noticed that the surf monkeys were few and far between.

“They were nearing extinction and I knew that something had to be done.”

In 2010 she launched Surf Monkey Fellowship, a surf company, online store, and community for those who love the surf monkey.  She imports the authentic monkey directly from a factory in TJ, has even gotten to help make a surf monkey at the factory (perhaps the only gringo with this honor), and wholesales them along with a full t-shirt line, and surf stickers throughout Southern California and beyond.

With Beth’s help, along with her great team at Surf Monkey Fellowship, and the hundreds upon hundreds of fine folks who have adopted one of these beauties, the surf monkey has established new homelands throughout the country and will thrive well into the future for our children and our children’s children.

[pause provided to wipe away tears of gratitude and relief]

Now that the Tijuana Surf Monkey is, at least for the time being, ‘out of the woods’ as they say in terms of extinction, the fine folks at Surf Monkey Fellowship have put their energies into discovering the origins of this species.

And you won’t believe what we have uncovered!!!!!

Stay tuned, more to follow—-





Surf Monkey Tees, Official NAPA Office Attire

NAPA is not just a great company who cares deeply about all things automotive.  NO, it is made up of lovely human beings who care even more deeply about a 12-inch, plaster of paris, semi-endangered, Chimpanzee on a surf board.  And in order to show their love, the muckety-mucks have made an executive decision to do away with what used to be called “business attire” and instead, wear these fantastic Surf Monkey T-shirts (found exclusively at Surf Monkey Fellowship) each and every day!

Okay, perhaps that was a teensy exaggeration.  What we can say is that part of the IT department (the most brilliant, good looking, and fun-loving part, no doubt, as pictured above) shares a love of the Surf Monkey.

How did this love affair with the Tijuana Surf Monkey begin for a company located in Atlanta, Georgia, you ask?

Well, as it turns out, one of the directors brought back an actual Surf Monkey from a vacation in TJ!  (Not sure who would be vacationing in TJ, but to each his own).  This very Surf Monkey is held in great esteem, as you can imagine, and each Friday the current holder of the Surf Monkey gives it to the person who helped them out the most that week.  So this prestigious Monkey, goes to the one who has gone above and beyond the call of duty (or who was able to brown nose their way into receiving this much sought after hairy little guy).

After all, what says I APPRECIATE YOU, better than a plaster of paris,  irregularly painted surfing Chimp from the TJ border?





My, What Big Teeth You Have!