Chango in a Holiday Commercial!

Chango has obviously had some acting experience and really steals the show, as you shall see in this holiday commercial.

This lovely specimen was sent from Surf Monkey Fellowship to North Carolina after the producer of the commercial begged the prop person to “find me a Surf Monkey!” Fortunately, they found us. Thanks North Carolina for spreading some monkey love in the East.

Merry Christmas

May your hearts be warm, even if your backyard is not quite as sunny.

monkey xmas1

One Thankful Monkey

Grateful for you all!












We Miss Doc

November 10the marks the one year anniversary of surf legend Doc Paskowitz’s passing.

Doc left practicing medicine to become a professional surfer and founded a surf camp run by his family. Many refers to his family as the “First Family of Surfing.”

We miss you Doc!
doc paskowitz copy










Seahawks and SurfMonkeys

Yeah, we don’t just surf you know!  Happy SuperBowl y’all!

(Thanks for the awesome pic and paint job Carrie!!)seahawks monkey












Abominable Surf Monkey

Merry Christmas dear Monkey Friends!

(thank for the pic Jilly C!)
abominable surf monkey

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Isn’t it Time to Replace your Husband/Boyfriend’s Surf Monkey?

You know, the one you stuck in the garage when you first started dating.  The one that somehow disappeared and you have no idea what could have possibly happened to it.

I mean really, what would make him happier this Christmas?

And you might even fall in love with this little guy too!  It’s time:

Replace Monkey Here.

surf monkey spring '11 103

It’s That Time of Year!

What’s under your tree?DSCN7008

Historical Photo of Frida Kahlo and her Pet Surf Monkey Uncovered

The world renowned research team here at Surf Monkey Fellowship has uncovered this historical photo of Frida Kahlo with what appears to be her beloved pet Surf Monkey.  Prior to this discovery, it was believed that the Tijuana Surf Monkey originated in the Tijuana Border Regions somewhere in the late 60’s, early 70’s.

The discovery of this photo puts all that into question.  Could the  Surf Monkey have been in Mexico City in the 1930’s!

From the self-portrait below, we are unable to confirm if the monkey on her left shoulder has a surfboard permanently adheared to it’s feet or not.  Further research in needed.

More exciting revelations to follow—