Monkey Facts

not actually a monkeyThe first monkey fact that should probably be mentioned is the fact that the Surfing Monkey is actually not a monkey.  It’s a chimp.  This was first pointed out to me by a biologist friend John Losey and later confirmed by a primatologist.  That’s right, we know a real live primatologist.

“Surf Monkey is not a monkey.  It’s a chimp.   A monkey is not a chimp, it’s an ape.  People are apes too.  And what I tell my 3 year old is ‘Ape, no have tail'” -Tamsin Woolley-Barker Phd, Evolutionary Anthropology, Primatologist, NYU.

no tail here

yup, "no have tail"

2 Responses to Monkey Facts

  1. John Losey says:

    So glad to see the Surf Monkey (chimp) has this site to call home. Also glad to see my diagnosis (of the lack of “monkeyness”) was backed up by an expert.

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