about “Chango”

Yeah, I’m a monkey on a surfboard. 
Okay, I’m a chimp actually (See monkey facts).  You might have seen me at the Tijuana border.  My primate “peeps” have been hangin’ there for about 40 years now.  The border is about the only place you could adopt me UNTIL NOW, thanks to Surf Monkey Fellowship.  We’ve become harder and harder to find—  nearing extinction really.
I stand 12-inches tall and have many bathing suit varieties.  Stripes have always been my favorite.
I love surfing (duh), bananas, and loitering on peoples front yards and porches.
I’ve spent a good deal of time hangin’ in bachelor pads and resigned to the garage— but that’s all changing now.  I’m starting to take my Rightful Place in the center of the dining room table, atop the TV, or even— in place of the TV!

about the fellowship

We are a group of people who see Great Value in having a 12-inch plaster-of-paris, irregularly-painted Surf Monkey in the family and believe EVERYONE ought to have one.  They  bring us joy, make us smile, and help us remember not to take life too seriously.  We are committed to make every effort possible to—


It would be a cryin’ shame to see these Lovely Creatures become extinct.  So we are raising awareness of their Endangered Status and pleading with All Compassionate Individuals to Take To The Streets and DO SOMETHING!
Okay, so actually we just love these ridiculous things and have for years.  We give them to everyone we know:  House Warming, Birthdays, Christmas, Birth of a Child, even the Installation of a New Pastor— all joyful occassions made even more joyful (at least to the givers) by the gift of a Surf Monkey.  (Did I mention they’re perfect for White Elephants Exchanges?)
We’ve been discovering that there are more people out there, a whole lot more, who love Surf Monkeys,  and know there are countless others who have not yet been properly introduced until now.

So welcome home Friends of the Surf Monkey  and Future Friends of the Surf Monkey.


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  1. Rick Parker says:

    Hey I’m looking for a place to buy another monkey. I was in the navy in the late 80’s and have since broke my surf monkey and need another can any one help? Thanks


  2. Hi Rick,
    You have come to the right place!
    Check out the home page if you want to order on-line.
    Or if you have any other questions email us at SurfMonkeyFellowship@gmail.com.
    Hang eight,
    The Fellowship

  3. melody draper says:

    have had a surf monkey for years…had no idea!!! never had seen one and thought it was unique,so bought one a long time ago!!!

  4. Jerry Carroll says:

    I am proud owner of Fuggles the surfing chimp, another Corona surfing chimp, and his distant cousin Wango, a monkey with a flipped off middle finger who also is proud of his masculinity. And yes, because I am a retired artist, I specialize in fixing broken chimps.

  5. Pat Turner says:

    Add me to the surf monkey fellowship

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